Success Stories – Greeley West High School

“Greeley West High School science department Vernier probe ware was only halfway usable.  The Success Foundation grant allowed the science teachers, and more importantly the students, to fully utilize technology that many of the students will encounter in their academic and career futures.  

Before the Success Foundation grant, the GWHS science department had books full of labs for the probe ware, teachers who had received training with the probe ware, and a variety of probes such as thermometers, carbon dioxide detectors, motion gates, pH probes, and many more.  The limiting factor was that we only had four Labquests. Labquests are the interfaces that connect to the probes. A normal science class at Greeley West will have 28 – 36 students. If there were four students in each lab group, then there would be a need of 7 – 9 labquests for one class.   Without Labquests, the probe ware was not usable in classroom labs.

The Success Foundation fixed all of that.  I have used the Labquests so much this year that my chemistry and AP/IB chemistry students do not require instructions on how to use the technology.  They have become familiar with the technology because of repeated usage. I am so glad that the Success Foundation allowed us begin to use technology that was just collecting dust on our shelves.  I really believe the students will benefit from the exposure to modern technology. Thank you Success Foundation!”

— Cyndi Stump, Chemistry Teacher: Greeley West High School

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