Success Stories – Greeley West High School

  “Thank you, Success Foundation, for giving us at Greeley West High School an amazing opportunity and experience! On September 28th, we took 33 high school students to the YMCA of the Rockies in Estes Park, CO. These 33 students are all from countries outside of the U.S. We brought students from Mexico, Central America, and Africa. These students are newcomers to Colorado, and we wanted to use this trip as an opportunity to showcase Colorado’s amazing outdoors to these students. We wanted them to see that Colorado is much more than Greeley (although I think that Greeley is pretty incredible). We arrived on our trip to be greeted by welcoming staff, and the students had the opportunity to participate in two great activities. The first activity was a hike up Bible Point Mountain. This was the first time that some of our students had ever seen the mountains-let alone hike one. I recall some of the students jumping on the leaves, running up the trails, and even petting some horses that we met on the trail. Many students took numerous pictures of the scenery and with friends, and I saw students sharing laughs and even pushing each other to hike faster. The students learned how to navigate mountain trails, how to use the sun to tell time, how to determine direction, and they even learned about some edible plants that they can eat in the wilderness. It was a wonderful experience for them and for me as their teacher.The next activities that we did with the YMCA instructors were team-building activities. These activities included fun games where the students needed to problem solve in order to win. One game required all of the students to stand on a wooden platform with a log underneath it in the middle. The log caused the platform to rock back and forth. The students had to figure out how to get the platform to balance in the middle, and they did so by balancing their weight on each side of the platform. It was so interesting to see because not all of our students speak the same language, yet they were still able to complete the task. It was so fun to see! Overall, this trip was an amazing experience. One of our students from Eastern Africa told Arielle Cobble: ‘This place is so beautiful, and I want to bring my entire family here this weekend!’  We got introduce many of these students to the beauty of the Colorado outdoors, and we are extremely grateful for the opportunity. Thank you, Success Foundation!”
– Caleb Flores – CLD Teacher: Greeley West High School

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