Success Stories – Greeley West High School

We’re Fly Fishing at Greeley West!

Mr. Travis Krause, a teacher at Greeley West High School was awarded a grant from The Success Foundation to be used to purchase fly fishing equipment. The equipment is being used for several groups at the school, including the Outdoor Adventure Club, FFA, and physics, visual arts, and agriculture classes. The grant is inter-disciplinary in nature, but the focus is on collaboration, critical thinking, and reasoning through fly fishing.


Prior to our fly-fishing lesson, Mr. Krause led us in a classroom discussion, tying ethics, math, and science into fly-fishing. Students were able to insightfully answer questions, comparing it to other lessons they had learned in their other classes.

After learning how to tie the right knots, and attach our flies, we headed out to the field where we learned how to put our rods together, and the proper form when casting our lines. We even had velcro fish to aim for!

You sure can tell the students are enjoying themselves! Thank you for inviting us into your classroom to observe Mr. Krause!

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