Success Stories – Heiman Elementary School

Our staff was recently able to learn how to code robots with some of the students at Heiman Elementary School. Grant recipient, Holly Kerkes, used her funds to create a Coding Club for students in 3rd-5th grade. Her students were eager to show us how they use their iPads to talk to two robots, Dot and Dash. Through a series of trial and errors, students are able to make these robots drive, avoid obstacles, perform a series of dance moves, and talk to each other. The students may choose what they want their robots to do in a program that allows them to drag and drop different tasks and movements, press a play button, and their robot comes to life! The robots also have a series of tasks cards that challenge them to problem solve and maneuver obstacles. Students work in teams of 2-3, and are learning to work together to solve problems and win their challenge card.This is an extra-curricular club that students choose to attend.

Thank you for inviting us in to your class, Mrs. Kerkes!


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