Success Stories – McAuliffe S.T.E.M. Academy

A 21st Century Education Grant has provided students at McAuliffe with the ability to work with three 3-D Printers. Teacher, Kara Anderson, wanted a way to challenge her students, while equipping them with the right tools and lessons to support self-directed, experiential learning. Through 3-D printing, students are able to design and print models of their prototypes while simultaneously including lessons from several other subject areas. Mrs. Anderson stated that, “The 3-D printers served our entire community of K-8 learners. Students were able to combine programming and all subject matter for cross-curricular learning.”

We were able to visit their classroom last week, where students were finishing up their final designs and sending their models to print. The assignment captured lessons from geometry and genetics. Students were to create a person using only geometrical shapes, while mixing their family genetics into the project. Their teacher said they also used the project to learn about different body traits from all over the world.

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