Success Stories – Middle School Robotics

A grant from The Success Foundation funded robotics materials at Brentwood Middle School and Heath Middle School, and both schools were excited to put them to use last week at Ehrlich Toyota. Ehrlich chose to sponsor a practice robotics competition that gave students a chance to work on all the tasks they will need to know by their real expo. Schools set up two tables, each with the same display, and students had to develop and build their own robots before arrival. The practice competition consisted of coding their robots to do tasks such as turning and going up a ramp, picking things up and placing them down in another location, etc.

Students were eager to participate in this practice competition and learned many lessons that were valuable to them for future events. Chargers were forgotten, parts were forgotten, and students were reminded of the many rules of the competition, including points being docked for robots not fully completing the task, robots falling off the table, or stopping in the middle of the table.

This was an amazing experience for our students. Thank you to Ehrlich Toyota for hosting the event! We can’t wait to see how our District 6 students do at their real competition!

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