Success Stories – The Science and Math of Cooking

Members of The Success Foundation were able to visit the Fred Tjardes School of Innovation where one of our 21st Century Grants was awarded for the 2019-20 school year. Lead Collaborator, David Edwards, received a grant to explore the Science and Math of Cooking with middle school students. The project is intended to move students beyond traditional classroom learning and provide students with authentic experiences. “At FTSOI, we believe that students learn best when they are actively engaged in hands-on experiences,” commented Edwards, “we always strive to show our students the connection of the academic content they are learning, and this project has allowed our teachers to authentically blend several content areas.”

The project is being done in hopes that it will encourage students to become problem finders and solvers. “To further develop our students’ understanding of basic math and science standards, we have created a series of cooking classes and activities that allow students to experience academic concepts in a real and meaningful way.” Students have participated in lessons on fractions, ratios, health and nutrition, and chemical compounds and changes. After gaining comfort in the kitchen, they worked in teams to develop their own innovative recipes and techniques.

We were able to attend the culmination of the project where we observed students working on their final dishes. As we walked around and interviewed students, they were able to explain chemical concepts in the food they were creating as well as what other concepts were being used in their dish. After they were all plated, we had the pleasure of tasting them all! Dishes ranged from chicken and pasta, deconstructed cookies and meringues, to coagulated milk balls and omelettes. Every single one of them was delicious!

Thanks for the invitation, FTSOI! We can’t wait to come to next year’s Science and Math Cooking Class!

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