Welcome to 2021!

My name is Delia Haefeli, and I am the incoming President of The Success Foundation. I love this foundation and the opportunity it provides for our students and staff in District 6. I have been a board member for three years and am excited to step in as president. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Steve LaForest for his service on the board, four years as a member and the last two years as president. Thank you, Steve, for your dedication to this foundation. Your time and efforts are greatly appreciated.  

Although 2020 was not what we expected, zoom meetings and virtual events soon became our new norm. In a year of trepidation, fear, and concern about fundraising, our communities reached deep, and we were the recipient of several grants. We feel fortunate to have raised over $800,000 in support of the students and staff of D6, our projects, and grants! Thanks to each of you for your continued support! A wonderful new component of our board was the development of the Jr. Success Foundation Board. We have 13 junior board members from the district’s high schools, who will be focusing on leadership and the importance of community activism during their time on the board.

Continuing on our theme of change, many of our events will become virtual. You will be hearing from us on a variety of new logistics as we continue to pivot in 2021. As the Success Foundation’s new President, I promise we will continue to focus on the needs of  students and staff in D6, in addition to the Success Foundation’s mission. I know GREAT things are in front of us in 2021!  

Delia Haefeli

P.S. Please remember teacher grants are due January 31st.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out.  

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