A Letter from the President


When 2020 started, the Success Foundation had great plans and goals we wanted to accomplish. Then, as we all know, our world was hit with COVID-19. We were told to stay inside and kids were sent home to learn remotely, away from our wonderful educators in District 6. What we all hoped to accomplish this year was thrown out the window as we were forced to pivot toward other needs. This is where our staff of just two and our volunteer board, rolled up their sleeves and worked closely with Superintendent, Dr. Deirdre Pilch, as well as many others in the district to prioritize the constantly arising needs for the staff and students in District 6.

Here are just some of the amazing things the Foundation did in 2020 to help:

  1. Contributed $175K for the District's SmartLab Project

  2. Raised over $30K with the first ever virtual Ride4Success

  3. Raised over $315K to eliminate unpaid meal debt in the district and to cover costs associated with emergency feeding programs

  4. Raised $10K in partnership with The Burroughs to support music education programs in the district

  5. Received over 5,000 sewn masks, 20,000 in-kind, and raised over $40K to purchase masks and other COVID-related supplies

  6. Started a $25K Endowment Fund for our Foundation

  7. Awarded 19 grants totaling over $35K to teachers in the district

  8. Launched the Delia & John W. Haefeli Opportunity Fund with over $55K which is supporting home internet access for families

As you can see, it was a busy year for the Foundation. We are especially thankful to Delia & John Haefeli for starting an Opportunity Fund in the district that will help remove financial barriers for students in the years to come. Additionally among the chaos this year, we added a number of new Board Members and I want to thank them for all their hard work. This year has not been easy but they have stuck with us to make it a very successful one. We welcomed to the Board Lindsay Salazar, Chad Morris, Sara Potter, Craig Kingman, Pres Montoya and Mike Shoop. Thanks to you all for your commitment to the Success Foundation! I would also like to thank outgoing Board Members, Daniel Preshaw and Nancy Sileo, for their dedication and service through their terms.

Finally, it truly has been a pleasure to be the President of the Board of Directors for the past two years and serve on the Board for the last six. As an outgoing Board Member as well, I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to Executive Director, Julie Hill, and Marketing Director, Susan McKenzie, for their hard work and devotion to District 6. The work they do behind the scenes is truly phenomenal. As I look to the future, I know the Success Foundation is in great hands with the leadership of Julie and the incoming Board President Delia Haefeli.

With Gratitude,
Steve LaForest
2020 Board of Directors President