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“Nutrition is fuel for the body and the brain. Without proper nutrition, a student cannot learn and excel in the classroom.”

Kara Sample

Assistant Director, District 6 Nutrition Services

No Child Deserves to be Hungry

The Food4Success Campaign was originally created to raise funds for accumulated meal debt. Through your generous donations, meal debt has been eliminated and we are proud to be able to now support school food pantries!  


With nearly 70% of our students on free-and-reduced lunch, it is common for school lunch to be their only meal of the day. We know food insecurity is an issue for many of our students and multiple facets of their lives are negatively impacted because of it.

What your support can provide...


Install One Pantry - $8,000

Includes refrigerator, freezer, shelving, cart, initial food costs, marketing/branding


Freezer - $4,200


Refrigerator- $1,800


Initial Food Costs - $1,000

Stock a cooler, freezer, and all the pantry shelves!


Fill a Fridge & Freezer - $500


Pantry Shelving - $275


Rolling Cart - $100

Did you know?

Child nutrition ties directly to student achievement.

District 6 plans to install food pantries at all public and charter school sites by 2025.  Currently, nine pantries are operating and providing critical resources to our students.  Each pantry includes a freezer, glass door cooler, locking shelving, and a rolling cart.  While there are other resources available in our community, school food pantries are convenient and provide a readily accessible source of food assistance and food choice to students and their families throughout the school year and during school breaks. Data shows that when kids have access to healthy meals every day, they feel better, perform better, and have fewer behavioral and health problems. 


School food pantries will complement existing breakfast and lunch programs and school kitchens will be able to contribute food items that may otherwise go to waste. Students and their families will have access to fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy products, shelf-stable items, grains, and protein items such as frozen meats and poultry. Other partnerships will be enhanced and/or established to ensure the success and sustainability of the school food pantry program. District 6 Nutrition Services and Wellness will also partner to provide healthy recipe ideas, on-site cooking demonstrations, and other resources to promote nutrition and wellness through every school pantry site.    


We are proud to be able to support this project through the Food4Success Campaign and continue to meet the nutritional needs of our students.



Support the Food4Success Campaign, because no child deserves to be hungry.

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