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Career Exploration

The goal of the Career Explore Internship Program is to prepare all students in Greeley-Evans School District 6 for their chosen path after high school. A student’s pathway is their own unique map for their future; it is one of their first opportunities for individual ownership of where they will go in life. The Career Explore Internship Program takes into account academic and career plans prepared by each student in order to equip them for their individual post-secondary success. Such planning and preparation will move every student forward in the direction of their career choice.

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How to Apply

Internships deepen a student's understanding of the environment, expectations, and requirements of the workplace, professions and industries. Internships allow students to take an up-close look at what a real job is like and how the skills they learn in school can be put in the workplace.  Becoming an intern is an opportunity to learn and grow as well as demonstrate your competence and initiative. The positive impression you make will continue to support you when you need a reference or permanent position.  Students may participate in the Career Explore Paid Internship Program the summer following their junior year of high school.  Please see your school counselor to apply for the Career Explore Internship program. 

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