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Running For Success:
An Opportunity Fund Event


Aaron Zimola, a Greeley native and former Greeley-Evans District 6 student, is running for Success this May. Zimola plans to run a mile -  and more importantly will add a mile everyday -  in May. That means May 1st he runs 1 mile, May 2nd he runs 2 miles,  May 20 he runs 20 miles and so on, until May 31st! He asks that anyone who would like to support the students of Greeley-Evans District 6 pledge and donate an amount per mile. That will be a total of 496 miles! So for this Opportunity Fund event, help our students by donating to the Delia and John W. Haefeli Opportunity Fund above, and cheer on one of Greeley’s own.

About our Runner

Aaron is a Greeley-Evans District 6 graduate, he attended Scott Elementary, Heath Middle School, and Greeley West High School. He ran cross country through a large portion of his academic career, and continued while in college at the University of Northern Colorado. Aaron loved his time in school and participated in multiple activities including IB, DECA, Orchestra, Cross Country/Track, and more. He now is the cross country coach at Salida Del Sol Academy. He believes that money should never be a barrier to students in pursuing extracurriculars in school and wants to help spread the word of the Haefeli Opportunity Fund and support students. Mr. John Haefeli was a huge influence on Aaron at Greeley West and continues to be a lifelong friend and mentor for Aaron.

Closing the Gap

Funds raised at this event will be used