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What is an Innovative Learning Grant?

The goal of The Success Foundation’s Innovative Learning Grant Program is to provide opportunities for classroom teachers to develop/advance projects and programs that incorporate Colorado State Academic Standards in innovative and creative ways. The overarching goal of the Innovative Learning Grant program is to increase student success and engagement in District Six schools. Projects/Programs must incorporate standards from at least two of the nine Colorado Academic Standard Areas: Visual and Performing Arts, Comprehensive Health and Physical Education, Computer Science, Mathematics, Reading, Writing and Communicating, Science, Social Studies, and World Languages.

Grants closed for 2024

Award Amount

Generally, Innovative learning Grants are awarded in amounts up to $2,500. Should a project/program require funding in excess of $2,500, applicants will be required to submit a supplemental narrative and budget detailing why the additional funds are being requested and how these monies would be used. PLEASE NOTE: Any funding request that exceeds $2,500 would be considered when possible, but all Innovative Learning Grant applications should have a base budget that does not exceed $2,500. Any funds not spent by May 31, 2022 must be returned to The Success Foundation.

Grant Criteria

In order to be eligible, grants must:

Serve students in Greeley-Evans School District 6

Align with the goals, standards, technology preferences, and strategic plan of District 6

Be used for the purpose requested. Changes in use of funds is not allowed one the grant is awarded

Be submitted by District 6 Employees (grants are not provided to organizations outside of District 6)

Demonstrate notable forethought and creativity

Be approved by the applicant's principal or supervisor prior to submission

Be scheduled for implementation between July 1, 2021 and May 31, 2022

Current Grant Program

grants have been awarded since 2010
schools or departments are being supported 
dollars are supporting innovative learning and arts programs
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