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Heart & Soul Nomination

The Heart & Soul Award recognizes outstanding Classified Staff and Specialized Service Professionals in Greeley-Evans School District 6.  The Success Foundation encourages nominations from district staff members, parents, students and community members.  

Who is eligible:

All Classified Staff

All Specialized Service Professionals (nurses, physical/occupational therapists, counselors, speech language pathologists, social workers, psychologists, audiologists, orientation and mobility specialists).


To be nominated for the Heart & Soul Award, several considerations may be used, including,

but not limited to the following:


Demonstrate ongoing and exemplary performance of responsibilities contributing

significantly to the success of District 6 students, programs, projects and/or services

Demonstrate leadership and high quality work that contributes to the overall welfare

or education of students and/or employees

Exhibit positive cooperative skills with students, parents, colleagues and administration

2023 Nomination Submission Form

Your Information

The following questions are meant to provide the selection committee with a well-rounded picture of the nominee. Please be thorough in your responses as the selection committee members are from

the entire community.

Nomination Form

Question #1:

Describe what makes the nominee's performance of responsibilities exemplary and how that contributes to the success of District 6 students, programs, projects, and/or services.

Question #2:

Explain how the nominee's leadership and work contributes to the overall welfare or education of students and/or employees.

Question #3:

Provide an example of how nominee positively cooperates with students, parents, colleagues, and/or administration.

Question #4:

List any other characteristics and/or abilities of nominee that you believe make him/her worthy of Heart & Soul Award recognition.

Question #5:

Is there any other information you would like to share with us about this nominee that has not been addressed?

Thanks for submitting!

Nominee Information

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