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Heart & Soul Nomination

The Heart & Soul Award recognizes outstanding Classified Staff and Specialized Service Professionals in Greeley-Evans School District 6.  The Success Foundation encourages nominations from district staff members, parents, students and community members.  

Who is eligible:

All Classified Staff

All Specialized Service Professionals (nurses, physical/occupational therapists, counselors, speech language pathologists, social workers, psychologists, audiologists, orientation and mobility specialists).


To be nominated for the Heart & Soul Award, several considerations may be used, including,

but not limited to the following:


Demonstrate ongoing and exemplary performance of responsibilities contributing

significantly to the success of District 6 students, programs, projects and/or services

Demonstrate leadership and high quality work that contributes to the overall welfare

or education of students and/or employees

Exhibit positive cooperative skills with students, parents, colleagues and administration

2024 Nomination Submission Form

Your Information

The following questions are meant to provide the selection committee with a well-rounded picture of the nominee. Please be thorough in your responses as the selection committee members are from the entire community. This is all the information the selection committee receives, so please be as detailed a and thorough as possible. This nomination may be shared with the nominee as well!

Nomination Form

Question #1:

Describe what makes the nominee's performance of responsibilities exemplary and how that contributes to the success of District 6 students, programs, projects, and/or services.

Question #2:

Explain how the nominee's leadership and work contributes to the overall welfare or education of students and/or employees.

Question #3:

Provide an example of how nominee positively cooperates with students, parents, colleagues, and/or administration.

Question #4:

List any other characteristics and/or abilities of nominee that you believe make him/her worthy of Heart & Soul Award recognition.

Question #5:

Is there any other information you would like to share with us about this nominee that has not been addressed?

Thanks for submitting!

Nominee Information

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